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PushBear Notifications Features

  • 5 Minutes Setup
    Fast and super easy setup, no development skills needed.
  • User Behavior Segments
    Automated segmentation according to users behavior in your website.
  • Notification Engagement Statistics
    Full Push Notifications Analysis, sent, received, clicked and more.
  • Schedule Notification Delivery
    Schedule notifications delivery to segments at designated date and time.
  • Platforms Support
    Support for all Modern Browsers. Including Ie
  • Mobile Support
    Send Push Notifications to all supported Android Devices (ios not supported yet).
  • Full Customization
    Customize the look and feel of the buttons and Texts.
  • Language And Legal
    Use your native language, your Own logo and Legal Documents.

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“Chrome Notifications” allows publishers to send notifications to those who use Chrome, Google’s own web browser. There’s no need for visitors to download an app.


Push Notifications, Next Gen, Soon...

Notifications in Chrome 50 will be more customizable, with sites being able to set custom time stamps and icons for buttons in notifications. Sites can also ask users whether a notification should play a sound, vibrate, or remain silent.

Upcoming Changes

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